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Bree'licious Bakes offer poundcakes and cheesecakes that will have your taste buds asking, "what just happened?"


What began as baking for family and friends, turned into a opportunity to sharing my passion with others.


Bree’licious signature pound cakes are culinary treats to delight and satisfy every distinctive palate. Ranging from the classic plain poundcake to homemade caramel glaze and/or fruit topped glazes, passion is cooked into each cake that takes you from "Mmmm" to "Aahhhh".


Bree'licious cheesecakes gives you rich decadent tastings of joy in every bite.  

Whether accompanying that morning cup of coffee, or if you just have a taste for homemade goodness, try a Bree’licious product,  it will 'change your life'.